how to debug the phpBB-Version 3.3.0 - not installed yet

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how to debug the phpBB-Version 3.3.0 - not installed yet

Post by apollodriver »

hello dear phpbb-experts,

i have to admit that i have quiete a very less knowledge on phhBB - can you plz try to understand my question....thank's a lot...
I Install Debug Tools in my root shown below.

well i have found this tool: xampp\htdocs\phpBB\ext\nicofuma\debugtools
Extension Name: Debug Tools
Author: Nicofuma
Extension Version:: 1.0.0-b1
Requirements: 3.1.0-RC3
i downloaded from this link

ides this i have seen that we can debug like described here:


@define('PHPBB_DISPLAY_LOAD_TIME', true);
@define('DEBUG', true);
@define('DEBUG_CONTAINER', true);
well - note: i did not have install the phpBB version 3.3. all ready. No : i just have downloaded the files and put it on to the server _ which runs on php 7.2.8

so - at the moment the config file has got no content!?

Love to hear from you
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Re: how to debug the phpBB-Version 3.3.0 - not installed yet

Post by Paul »

Why do you need to debug it? What error are you getting?
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Re: how to debug the phpBB-Version 3.3.0 - not installed yet

Post by Mick »

Install 3.3 as per the instructions here (it says 3.2 but it’s the same for 3.3) or here and config.php will populate intself. It’s not clear, to me anyway, what your issue is, please fill out the Support Request Template and post it back here to enable us to assist you better.
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Re: how to debug the phpBB-Version 3.3.0 - not installed yet

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

those debug tools are for an older version of phpbb.

delete that from your ext folder as it may not be compatible with phpbb 3.3

just install phpBB3 3.3.0 following the install instructions.

You will not need to debug anything so forget about that unless some time in the future you have a problem. you should not have any problems that you need to debug for .

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Re: how to debug the phpBB-Version 3.3.0 - not installed yet

Post by warmweer »

Why start a new topic when your previous one isn't solved yet?
you are requesting a debug of phpBB when it isn't even installed yet, either because something is missing on your server or because you're doing something you're not supposed to do (or not doing what you're supposed to do).

Also extensions run on phpBB, implying it has to be installed before any extension (phpBB extension that is) can function.
The instructions for installation of phpBB can be found in ... tallation/.
How about telling us the url of your host and which kind of hosting you bought/rented.

On January 21 you enquired about a policy extension (see viewtopic.php?f=496&t=2537721) but it seems you didn't (and still don't) have a board up and running. Do you know (or can find?) the requirements for a PHPBB installation?
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