User roles and Permissions

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User roles and Permissions

Post by dv_damian57 »

The only Im not a huge fan on this forum is how convoluted the user role and permission system seems to be. I dont know why but I find it harder to for those that know more than me about this forums and have sent them up already....what should I start with as my base for a normal register user on my boards as far as user role and permissions? (see 2 screenshots below)

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Re: User roles and Permissions

Post by KevC »

The roles are already set up with appropriate permissions for them.

Standard access is the one most people choose for the registered users group. That allows them to see and post in a forum without any moderation.

The permissions used to be simple in phpBB2 but most people wanted the more granular so that's what we have now.

group forum permissions (does what it says - choose a group then a forum and then the permission)
registered users
select the forum you want
standard access
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Re: User roles and Permissions

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

also, the default category and forum already have the basic standard permissions set.

if you leave that forum in place and the when you make a new forum you simply copy permissions from it to your new forums. that is really the easiest way to set up a board.

most people probably never need any different permissions settings than the default ones for the default forum.

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Re: User roles and Permissions

Post by stevemaury »

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