Inactive users 'remind' not sending email

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Inactive users 'remind' not sending email

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We use a two-step user verification for new users - they sign up for the board, and then have to send us an email to verify their identity. Because people are dumb, most forget to send the email, giving us a list of hundreds of inactive users. We would like to use the remind function to try to get an email out to everyone who still needs to be activated, but it doesn't do anything when I try with a test account.

I believe the problem is outlined in the post below (TLDR below)


I'm using admin activation, and I believe this suppresses the 'remind' email, because the remind email is usually used to send an activation link.

I've edited the remind email (in /en/email), but it doesn't get sent.

I was hoping someone could help me out.

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