Google OAuth Not working

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Google OAuth Not working

Post by pfuller304 »

Have added an API in GSuite,
1. Have the OAuth ClientID & Client Secret
Not sure what Scope to set for the API controls in the GSuite Security Admin settings.
Need Client ID and Scope I'm using "email" and "profile"

2 .Pasted the ClientID and Key into the phpBB authentication config

I have the google button on the login screen and it loads the Google authentication screen but then I get "Forbidden,
You don't have permission to access this resource."

Is this the correct redirect URI ?

Any ideas of what might be wrong?

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Re: Google OAuth Not working

Post by qcz »

try this extension, you can do 40+ social login services. (it works for 3.3 too just fine) ... phpbb/3.1/

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