Can't go to the "user rights" tab

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Can't go to the "user rights" tab

Post by ReplayError »

Welcome to the phpbb forum!
I can't fix this error.

Code: Select all

Фатальная ошибка: Uncaught UnexpectedValueException: RecursiveDirectoryIterator :: __ construct (./../ language / en / email / short): не удалось открыть каталог: слишком много открытых файлов в /var/www/u1142549/data/www/ finder.php: 496 Трассировка стека: 
# 0 [внутренняя функция]: RecursiveDirectoryIterator -> __ construct ('./../ language / e ...', 4096) 
# 1 [внутренняя функция]: RecursiveDirectoryIterator-> getChildren () 
# 2 /var/www/u1142549/data/www/ RecursiveFilterIterator-> getChildren () 
# 3 /var/www/u1142549/data/www/ finder.php (375): phpbb \ finder-> find_from_paths (Array, true, false)
# 4 /var/www/u1142549/data/www/ phpbb \ finder- > find () 
# 5 /var/www/u1142549/data/www/ () 
# 6 /var/www/u1142549/data/www/ acp_permissions-> main ('разрешения', 'setting_forum_l ...') 
# 7 / var / www / u1142549 / data / www / / adm / index.php (81): p_master-> load_active () 
# 8 {m in/var/www/u1142549/data/www/ в строке 496
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Re: Can't go to the "user rights" tab

Post by Scanialady »

You did not write any information about your system, versions, what you have done or not done, or anything else. So I'll look into my crystal ball and guess: The extension "Thanks For Posts" is installed. But it wasn't updated until a phpBB update. Or it was updated with the wrong branch, which is from two different authors (rxu and naguissa).

The 3.3 branch is probably not backwards compatible with 3.2.x - read on the support page of the extension. It is very likely that the extension has to be uninstalled completely before installing the new version (deactivate and delete data).
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Re: Can't go to the "user rights" tab

Post by rxu »

Google has answers sometimes, f.e.
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