There a converter to update a 2004 phpnuke db?

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There a converter to update a 2004 phpnuke db?

Post by Lord-Xanthor »

Putting up phpbb was simple enough on Windows 10. Everything works as intended but now that I have been running my site with no issues, I came across my old phpnuke backups from 2004 and would like to get that up and running so I can convert and transfer or import the old db into the new phpbb. Does anything even exist after all this time?
Was wondering also if there was a file that actually said what version was being used.
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Re: There a converter to update a 2004 phpnuke db?

Post by Mick »

Have a look at Available Converters, if there’s nothing there that suits your purpose you can try searching the internet. Take note you will most likely have to convert to an earlier version of phpBB (3.0 probably) then upgrade to the latest version once the conversion is complete. Come back if you find nothing suitable.
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