[3.3.0] Romanian Language Pack

Having a question about translating phpBB 3.3? Want to discuss and collaborate with people currently translating phpBB 3.3? Here would be the correct place to do so.
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[3.3.0] Romanian Language Pack

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Since phpBB.ro is down I post here a link to latest language packs I have and whenever there is a version of files that can pass validations we can get an official language pack.

phpBB3 Romanian

Romanian Translation for phpBB3
Traducere în Română pentru phpBB3

## Autors:
Florin C Bodin (aka orynider)

Past Contributors:
Neculai Anisor,
Florentin Gatlan (aka flowers)
Bogdan Toma (aka bog_tom)



You can download it from here:
https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/tran ... /romanian/
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