translating phpbb 3.3

Having a question about translating phpBB 3.3? Want to discuss and collaborate with people currently translating phpBB 3.3? Here would be the correct place to do so.
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translating phpbb 3.3

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The current translation of PHPBB in my language is updated to phpbb 3.2.5

What is the best way to update the translation pack to phpbb 3.3?

Thank you ! :)
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Re: translating phpbb 3.3

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If there is an official local site of phpbb for your language, you can ask there.
or you can change language files yourself.
You can find all language changes from here:
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Re: translating phpbb 3.3

Post by warmweer »

king577 wrote:
Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:28 pm
What is the best way to update the translation pack to phpbb 3.3?
Basically ... still the same way as in translating phpbb 3.1.9. ;)
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