Metainformation and Favicon

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Metainformation and Favicon

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Extension name: Metainformation and Favicon
Author: Chris1278
Extension description: Name of the extension: Metainformation and Favicon

Autor: Chris1278

Version of theExtension: 1.0.3

Compatible with the following phpbb forum versions:
  • Phpbb Version 3.2.10 and Hogher
Another Requirements:
  • ´php 7.0-<9
Description of the extension:

This extension makes meta data available, some of which can be edited in the ACP.

This serves to make the forum Seo more friendly. You no longer need to edit the style files to add meta information, this can now be done via the ACP

Options in the ACP:

The following options can be set or used in the ACP:

This extension only has 2 pages in the extension overview. Once an overview page and once a settings page.
The overview page contains an overview of the set values which have been set on the settings page.

Settings that can be set in the admin area for this extension:
  • < Title > Tag Settings
    • Here you can set what is output in the title tag. Since this is accompanied by the two settings Name of the forum and Description of the forum, these settings that can be made here are basically the same as in the board settings!
  • Description:
    • A short description can be inserted here. The so-called meta description
  • Keywords:
    • Here you can insert individual keywords. So-called meta keywords
  • Google website ownership:
    • Here you can confirm the website ownership for your forum via Google.
  • Enable Open Graph Meta Tags:
    • Here you can activate the Open Graph tags
  • Selection of the URL setting for social media tag:
    • Here you can choose whether you want to have a single specific URL fixed (then the URL for the forum index is always used) which should be displayed as a meta tag in the social media tags or whether you want to make it dynamic when you have a topic always link the direct url of the topic taken.
  • Open Graph Meta Tag - Description:
    • Similar to the meta-description, you can insert a description here that can be used in social networks such as Facebook.
  • Side language Open Graph Tag:
    • Here you can specify the language of the page that is read by search engines or search functions of the social media networks.
  • Use the Facebook APP-ID:
    • You can activate this if you have a Facebook APP ID and want to enter it.

      Attention: This is usually only used by app developers who also work with Facebook.
  • Activate favicons:
    • Here you can choose whether you want to use favicons or not.


      This activation serves to use the favicon that are in the favicon directory of the extensions or not. If a Favicon.ico is stored in the main forum directory, this is not affected. The favicons that are in the extension are loaded into the style using the <meta> function.
  • The icons are located in the directory /ext/chris1278/metainfo/favicon.These can be edited and also exchanged.

    Important: The names of the files and the extensions must be retained. Otherwise the icons will not be loaded!
Further options are conceivable in the future.
Extension version: 1.0.4
Tested on phpBB version: 3.3.5

Download file:
File size: 313.76 KiB

Extension overview page: View

Except where otherwise noted, the phpBB Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this extension. By installing this extension, you acknowledge that the phpBB Support Team or phpBB Extension Customisations Team may not be able to provide support.

-->Extension support<--
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Re: Metainformation and Favicon

Post by Paul »

Extension validated/released
Infrastructure Team Leader
Infrastructure Team Leader
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Location: The netherlands.
Name: Paul Sohier

Re: Metainformation and Favicon

Post by Paul »

Extension Updated to version 1.0.4
See first post for Download Link

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