Improving Pagespeed score

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Improving Pagespeed score

Post by funtent »

Like, my forum scores consistently under 60/100 on Pagespeed, and often under 50/100. I run Google AdSense, thus (part of) the discrepancy. Otherwise, the differences between my forum and are small.

The #1 suggestion to improve is to fix/eliminate font-awesome.min.css.

Run this test yourself: ... mmunity%2F


Code: Select all

 <link href="{T_FONT_AWESOME_LINK}" rel="stylesheet">
from my theme's overall_header.html file de-styles pages.

Is there some other way of removing this styling? I understand many icons will disappear. I'm ok with that and will work around it. Scoring well on Pagespeed is more important to me than the luxury of nice icons. I understand and accept the consequences.
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Re: Improving Pagespeed score

Post by Mannix_ »

I tested my page and first time i got 41 points next time got 71 points didn't change a single thing between the runs so idk how credible is that tool
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Re: Improving Pagespeed score

Post by AbaddonOrmuz »

There are other ways to improve the score by doing some adjustments on your server, like enabling the Brotli compression, add cache headers for images, minify all assets (JS, CSS) with the PageSpeed module for Apache or Nginx, etc.

I would suggest to use instead, it provides more useful recommendations.

Just note that it's just a recommendation, you won't be able to get a perfect score.

Not even Google follows their own recommendations :lol:
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Re: Improving Pagespeed score

Post by Forex Station »

If you purge your cache right before you do that test, then run the test twice you'll get even better results :lol:

Without doing that, i'll always get 68 for mobile and 87 for desktop. I use GTmetrix and Pingdom as well for speed testing.

Mine use to be terrible but what I did is make sure my header image is compressed using and also all the icons. I disabled Google fonts, and made our "User Ranks" text only and also enabled Gzip compression and this helped bump up our speed significantly.
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