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Quick Links Default Icons

Post by JackMorton »

Can anyone tell me where the default icons for Quick Links and FAQ, etc., are stored? Like the hamburger icon, the question mark circle for FAQ...I want to alter one and can't find the icon under any icons folder
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Re: Quick Links Default Icons

Post by david63 »

They are not icons as such but are from FontAwesome

If you want to change them then you will need to edit core code
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Re: Quick Links Default Icons

Post by thecoalman »

They aren't stored, phpBB uses Font Awesome. If you want to change icon or add icon to some custom links you need to edit HTML. For example if you open the template navbar_header.html there is this line for quick links:

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				<i class="icon fa-bars fa-fw" aria-hidden="true"></i><span>{L_QUICK_LINKS}</span>
fa-bars sets the bars. The different icons are referenced here:


Be sure to purge the cache after editing templates.
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Re: Quick Links Default Icons

Post by Mannix_ »

If you want to use an image instead of fa icon try this
viewtopic.php?p=15617326#p15617326 to make your changes
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Re: Quick Links Default Icons

Post by Gumboots »

Actually you don't need to edit the HTML. You can do it by editing the CSS instead. The pseudo element content is defined by CSS anyway, so it can be overridden by specific custom CSS. I only thought of this last night, but it will work, and will save having to do a few markup hacks I'd been using. As long as the custom CSS is organised and commented, this should be a better alternative.

Taking the markup quoted above, if you used something like #quick-links .fa-file-o::before {content: '\f0fc ';} you'd get the beer icon displaying instead of the default file icons.

Edit: To clarify - if I had to alter the markup around the icons anyway, for whatever reason, then I think it would make more sense to edit the class of the i tag so that you weren't messing with FA CSS unnecessarily. If you just need to hit a few icons in a template (or extension) that you otherwise don't want to touch, I'd be looking for the most concise descendant that would nail it.
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