th23 Font Resizing

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Re: th23 Font Resizing

Post by wandmdave »

well still no idea what is wrong with that particular forum but I tried it on another forum of mine with the same skin as the one that isnt working and it does just fine. Must be something crazy going on with the database.
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Re: th23 Font Resizing

Post by th23 »

wandmdave wrote:...Must be something crazy going on with the database.
Well, sorry to hear...I again looked into the code of that MOD of mine, but could not find any issues - I checked especially against all the changes that got introduced with the latest updates of phpBB itself.

Hope you can find the issue with your database - and can fix it!
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Re: th23 Font Resizing

Post by Silverlegend »

Does anybody made it work with subsilver?

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