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All new MODs released in our MOD Database will be announced in here. All support for released MODs needs to take place in the Customisations Database.
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NOTICE: This forum is only for the announcement of new releases and/or updates of MODs. Any MOD support should be obtained through the Customisations Database in the support area designated for each MOD.

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Re: ACP Announcement Centre

Post by iftitaj »

Bash wrote:I have a mod installed which created a '.MOD' tab within ACP (however I renamed it through common.php because '.MOD' imo looks ugly). Would installing this mod integrate with the same tab (I presume I'd have to rename it back to .MOD temporarily?) or would it create another tab within ACP (which I wouldn't want).
It will create another one (.MOD) so my suggestion is to rename it temp to .MOD.
Bash wrote:I'm actually looking for a mod which will also allow me to add an announcement to a particular forum only (without appearing on index/other forums) but I saw the FAQ's on the 1st page and will try the authors suggestion if theres no other alternative, I guess...
That is possible but one have to hard-code it .......... I mean you can make Include Announcement Center part of overall_header (or whatever that file name is), conditional. I mean put an IF condition of IF the forum id is XYZ then Include Announcement Center otherwise it will skip it. And in ACP, you have to set it to show everywhere and not only on Index page.
Now for that specific IF conditional coding, you have to refer to someone else, as I'm not good with phpBB's coding. :( But I've told you the logic of what to do. ;)
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Re: ACP Announcement Centre

Post by Bash »

I think I'll leave it... thanks anyway my friend <3
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Re: ACP Announcement Centre

Post by fixinggenie »

Is it possible to make an RSS feed just for the Announcement Center?

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