[RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.0

For style authors to post and receive feedback on 3.3.x styles still in development. Any development styles you wish to use on your live board should be installed with caution!
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[RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.0

Post by jrolson »

Style Version: 1.1.0
phpBB Version: 3.3.0
Based on: prosilver

Image Image

*Color Switcher

*6 colors available. Blue, Black, Red, Green, Pink, and Purple.

Admin Style Options (*Available to edit in template/config.html)
$A_LOGO = Displays the logo image in the header.
$A_LOGO_URL = The url location of your logo.
$A_REVERT_LOGO = Reverts logo code back to the original. (Turn on to use logo mods.)
$A_DESCRIPTION = Displays the site description.
$A_SEARCH = Displays the header search.
$A_DEFAULT_COLOR = Sets the default color. (Options: blue, black, green, pink, purple, red)
$A_COLOR_SWITCHER = Displays the color switcher for users.
$A_COLLAPSIBLE_CATEGORIES = Enables collapsible categories.
$A_LEFTPROFILE = Moves user info on viewtopic to the left side.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3p7kbziyc4fz ... 0.zip?dl=1
SHA256: 973ab4999e6c537e69028cf6998f4f036e376398ee16e462395413407319c8dd

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