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[RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.2

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:52 pm
by jrolson
Style Version: 1.1.2
phpBB Version: 3.3.2
Based on: prosilver

Image Image

*Color Switcher

*6 colors available. Blue, Black, Red, Green, Pink, and Purple.

Admin Style Options (*Available to edit in template/config.html) *Flush board cache after editing!
$A_LOGO = Displays the logo image in the header.
$A_LOGO_URL = The url location of your logo.
$A_REVERT_LOGO = Reverts logo code back to the original. (Turn on to use logo mods.)
$A_DESCRIPTION = Displays the site description.
$A_SEARCH = Displays the header search.
$A_DEFAULT_COLOR = Sets the default color. (Options: blue, black, green, pink, purple, red)
$A_COLOR_SWITCHER = Displays the color switcher for users.
$A_COLLAPSIBLE_CATEGORIES = Enables collapsible categories.
$A_LEFTPROFILE = Moves user info on viewtopic to the left side.


Download ...
SHA256: 2e231064fe606e8af998f91b5b3fb95c54a13c073d861863a158b8172bbe11fc

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.0

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 10:08 pm
by mario831
Greetings! When new version 'Aero' with night mode?

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.0

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:00 pm
by jrolson
Just waiting for phpBB 3.3.1

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.0

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:12 am
by bubbathegimp
Is there a way for anybody to add a custom background image instead of color?

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.0

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 2:14 pm
by Popaionut
Hi guys me name is Ionut I have one problem with this PHPBB 3.2.8 the icon for file type not showed on atachamet form.
I check this icon files exist on folder images/upload_icons but this not showed with file attached. I send photo example with me file attached no icon type and one file from another forum this like showed this icon.
I need make same modification or another for me forum.. but how?.
I hope another help me.I use theme Aero PHPBB.
Php 7.1 version.

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.1

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 3:15 pm
by jrolson
Aero 1.1.1 released
*updated for phpBB 3.3.1
*fixed online status for left profiles
*misc. fixes

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.1

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 12:57 am
by LanikSJ
Can we incorporate some of the fixes from here: viewtopic.php?f=661&t=2563401

Thank you.

Re: [RC] Aero for phpBB 3.3.2

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:13 pm
by jrolson
Aero 1.1.2 released
*updated for phpBB 3.3.2