[ADB] Social Networking Site Buttons 2.1.0

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Re: [RC3] Social Networking Site Buttons 2.1.0

Post by bbrian017 »

KellyBean wrote:Modification Name: Social Networking Site Buttons
Authors: KellyBean & Jaymie1989

Modification Description: Adds 8 new links/buttons next to the typical www, AIM, MSN, YIM buttons on the mini profile in viewtopic_body.html:

Bebo, Blogger, Facebook, GoodReads, LinkedIn, MySpace, NetLog and Twitter

Modification Version: 2.1.0





Demo URL: here.

Modification Download: social_networking_buttons 2.1.0

To-Do List:
  • Additional Languages
  • Prosilver Compatible
  • subSilver2 Compatible
  • Auto-MOD Compatible
Suggestions and constructive criticism always welcome! :)

Thanks to Jaymie1989 for offering to help me with this MOD since I've had a super busy summer and haven't had the time to dedicate to finishing. As such, I added him as co-author.
Could you add an image for BlogEngage?


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Re: [RC3] Social Networking Site Buttons 2.1.0

Post by zake black »

Hi, Kelly/Jamie.

I installed this a while back. Im now looking at making some changes.

I.E changing the links on some to another site. so link and image change.

I understand i can just look though the edits and replace the exisitng name to the new i wish. my question is what do i do about the database? can i simple just rename that in PHPmyadmin?

Also how i tell what version im running? and is it possible to have a download for an older version? or how do would i go about updating to the new version? The edits im sure i can go though and find/look for differences. and files is simply enough just re-upload, but what about other changes sql?

Many thanks

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Re: [ABD] Social Networking Site Buttons 2.1.0

Post by EXreaction »

Modification marked as Abandoned by author's request
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Re: [ADB] Social Networking Site Buttons 2.1.0

Post by DavidIQ »

MOD has been taken over by Jaymie1989.

DEV continuation can be found here:
http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... &t=1785835
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