[Beta] Attachment Downloads Area

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Re: [Beta] Attachment Downloads Area

Post by Kharon »

any news ?
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Re: [Beta] Attachment Downloads Area

Post by DiegoPino »


I continue with the dev. but i´m having problems with my hosting. :oops: :oops:
weekend update my personal computer, for further development on localhost and hope to move faster.

can develop only on weekends, as work and study during the week.

Feel free to comment of dev.


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Re: [Beta] Attachment Downloads Area

Post by lugsciath »

The use of this mod without restrictions through acp / rights is really not recommened. There is a vulnerability for grabbing files / download attachments and reading posts without having rights for the displayed data! This might be a very nice and useful mod with further extensions/contents and a acp. ;)

Waiting for a newer version :)
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Re: [Beta] Attachment Downloads Area

Post by Rebell »

Hello !

Very nice MOD, its list "EZDownloads" from phpbb2 !
I hope you will continue it !!!

cya :mrgreen:
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