[DEV] Mobile Online phpBB for phpBB3

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[DEV] Mobile Online phpBB for phpBB3

Post by rickey29 »

Mobile Online phpBB (MOphpBB) is a phpBB3 add-on module. It enables users to access your phpBB from a mobile/cellular phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, SmartPhone or PDA through WAP, xHTML (xHTML-MP) and HTML (simple text only) interfaces.

This makes your phpBB work effectively on small size screen web browser with limited bandwidth and un-powerful CPU. It provides convenience to forum users on the road. It is not suitable for full size browser like Netscape, IE or FireFox.

My phpBB3: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/
My phpBB3 for xHTML interface: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/mo/index.php?plat=xhtml
My phpBB3 for WAP interface: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/mo/index.php?plat=wap
My phpBB3 for HTML interface: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/mo/index.php?plat=html
My phpBB3 for xHTML interface topic list entry: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/mo/index2.php?plat=xhtml
My phpBB3 for WAP interface topic list entry: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/mo/index2.php?plat=wap
My phpBB3 for HTML interface topic list entry: http://phpbb3.flexplat.com/mo/index2.php?plat=html

-- View posts
-- Support WAP, xHTML and HTML interfaces
-- View posts from previous 1 Day (7 Days, ...)
-- View the latest 20 (40, ...) posts
-- index2 page for topic list entry
-- Mobile access key for xHTML interface
-- Private forums
-- Login/logout
-- BBcode
-- Smilies
-- View your posts
-- View unanswered posts
-- View new posts
-- View active topics
-- New topic/post reply
-- Flood control

For detail information, please visit: [link removed]

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Re: [DEV] Mobile Online phpBB for phpBB3

Post by Wyr!H@x!mu$ »

Interesting, 1 suggestion as a board owner I want people to remember 1 url for my board/website. Therefor I would like to see an automatic redirect from the main board to the mobile setup if a mobile device was detected. (Just my 2 cents :).)

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Re: [DEV] Mobile Online phpBB for phpBB3

Post by 1234homie »

I'm be interesting this mod but its allow to automatic change to wap if we use phone to go to site?

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Re: [DEV] Mobile Online phpBB for phpBB3

Post by cbourne »

This looks great and just the right thing for my HTC Touch HD :D

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Re: [DEV] Mobile Online phpBB for phpBB3

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

For-Pay MODs are not permitted at phpBB.com. See http://www.phpbb.com/mods/rules/develop ... php#rule5c
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