[DEV] Exocortex - Online Memory Storage

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[DEV] Exocortex - Online Memory Storage

Post by Persol »

Modification Name: Exocortex
Author: Persol

Modification Description: The goal is to develop software with many of the functions of Evernote and Onenote, but which is more future-proof. Evernote and Onenote are both amazing software which can greatly magnify what you can 'remember'. The dilemma is that all this is locked into a proprietary system. You can see your data, but only in the way Microsoft/Evernote want you to.

With today's relatively cheap server bandwidth and processing, and an abundance of open source software, there is no reason for a person not to have control over their own personal Exocortex.

The reason this is being developed as a phpBB modification is mainly for simplicity. Much of the groundwork is easily handled by phpBB's modules. User control, searching, page formatting, database access, etc have already been simplified by the team. Additionally, integration modifications are available for programs like Coppermine and Wordpress (Although, these are somewhat buggy). The ultimate goal is to provide the required code for integration with other software (like Coppermine); in addition to custom code and phpBB code modifications for things like site-wide searches, phone/PDA compatible interface and spaced repetition (Wired).

I'll be mocking up an interface first, so screenshots will follow....

Modification Version:: In planning stages
Requirements: Same as PHPBB
Planned Features: (in order of priority)
  • Email
    --Automated download of POP account contents
    --Storage/search using php wordlists
  • Calendar (still looking for a good php calendar to interface with)
    --Hopefully with automatic schedule extraction from emails
  • Images
    --Likely based on Coppermine
    --Integrated Keyword search
    --'Perhaps' automatic extraction of images from emails
  • Security
    --Based on phpbb
    --Allow 'shareable memories'
    --Public notes using phpbb guest access
  • To-Do/Next-Action functionality
    --Possibly based on GTD-PHP
    --Automatic filing of emails
  • Spaced repetition
    --For items you need to make sure you actually remember (IE: emergency relative numbers, which you usually only 'dial' through your cell phone contacts)
    --Basically a 'learn' function that acts like a flashcard module using the spaced repetition algorithm
    --May use Coppermine images, or phpBB posts, or Wordpress notes
  • Voicemail?
    --Possible interface with Youmail or Google Voice; may be possible through email
  • Some timed 'emergency' access if site goes unused
    --Some method of a relative/friend accessing your 'brain' in case of emergency
    --Possibly activated by a special email message?
Screenshots: (click on image to goto the webpage):

Demo URL: *to come*
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Re: [DEV] Exocortex - Online Memory Storage

Post by Gleasonator »

This sounds insanely awesome. Can't wait for some screens. :)
Sorry for my bad Engrish !


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