[beta]Multiple ranks plugin: big ranks on hovering plugin

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[beta]Multiple ranks plugin: big ranks on hovering plugin

Post by Goztow » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:23 pm

Mod name: Multiple ranks - big ranks on hovering plugin

MOD Description: this is a plugin for my multiple ranks (not linked to usergroups) - 1.01 mod. It shows a big version of the rank when hovering over the rank for a certain amount of time (can be set).

PHPbb version: 3.0.6 (should also work with lower versions, cf. multiple ranks)
Mod version: 1.00

For the moment, the mod is only available in a txt file. If someone feels like porting it to the correct format, then be my guest. I didn't test the code changes I put in the txt file so please give me feedback as you never know that I may have forgotten something or made an error. I will check this topic regularly.

Download here

Donations are very welcome and will be used to support my community (The KOSs2). Click here to donate via paypal.


The mod is applied at my community's board at http://www.thekoss2.org/community , so you can test it over there. You can also say "hello" there if you feel like it ;).


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