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Re: [RC] Index Tabbed

Post by RMcGirr83 »

This function

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function subpanels_index(p)
isn't needed as forum_fn.js is included on every page and as such you can simply use subPanels function found within same file. Just change items such as this in the html file subpanels_index('login-panel'); to subPanels('login-panel'); and the mod will still work.

No sense in duplicating code if it isn't needed, right?
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Re: [RC] Index Tabbed

Post by Jessica »

Been like this for a while...my members can't use the log in form at the bottom of the page (in the Login tab), nothing happens when they click Login. They have the use the login popup (which appears at the top, there's a large Sign In button).

Also, if I click on most of the tabs when logged out, nothing appears in them. I have to log in to see the content...
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