[BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by anonuser »

Concerning the additional search code by cedarrapidsboy
( See this post: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 5#p5560965 )

I had a problem with this. When doing egosearch, it ended up with a SQL syntax error. To fix it, I modified the topic_tags_search_title function:

Code: Select all

    * Appends topic tag to topic title.
    * Uses topic_tags_title(), it includes an extra SQL query to get the search result's parent forum
    * @param array $row      ref: search result from search.php
    * @param array $forum_id   ref: search result's parent forum_id from search.php
    function topic_tags_search_title(&$row, $forum_id)
       global $db, $config;
       if ($config['topic_tags_version'])
			if ($forum_id) {
				$sql = 'SELECT * FROM ' . FORUMS_TABLE . ' WHERE forum_id = ' . $forum_id;
			} else {
				$sql = 'SELECT * FROM ' . FORUMS_TABLE;		  
          $result = $db->sql_query($sql);
          $forum_data = $db->sql_fetchrow($result);
          topic_tags_title($row, $forum_data['forum_topic_tags']);
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by ham1299 »

Yay, Jelly! :D
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by egyptghost »


but not show in topic
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by Tripp »

egyptghost wrote:tnx

but not show in topic
Could you explain what you mean so someone can help you?
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by WascallyWabbit »

I have the Tag MOD installed and for the most part everything is working fairly well. I have one, kinda glaring, problem. After I set a tag on a post, if I go back and try to select No Tag and click Submit, it reverts to the previous tag. The weird thing is I can chage it to any of the tags I have defined, but the No Tag just won't save. Hopefully someone, far smater than me :), can help me out with this.

BTW It is a fantastic MOD that has made labeling a great deal easier.....thanks for making it.
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by 008008 »


I uninstalled the module but I have this in acp>forums>permissions :

{ acl_f_edit_topic_tag }
{ acl_f_set_topic_tag }

how to remove please?

thank you :)
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by anonuser »

ACP -> System -> Module management -> Administration Control Panel -> Forums -> Manage forums -> you can delete it from here.
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Re: [BETA] Topic Tag Prefixes MOD 0.1.0

Post by Highway of Life »

There has now been ample time since the abandon notice posted.
I’m going to go ahead and lock this topic, when Josh (A_Jelly_Doughnut) opens a development topic based on this MOD, I will re-open long enough to post a link to the new topic.

Thanks everyone for your support!
- Highway of Life
Highway of Life wrote:Notice of Pending Abandonment and Discontinued Support

I regret to inform everyone here that I will be abandoning this MOD.
My time currently has not allowed me to work on as many projects as I started last year.
Currently I have developed and supported the following MODs: (not counting tools and scripts)
  • [BETA] Topic Tags Prefixes MOD -- Abandoning
  • [BETA] Advanced Meta Tags SEO MOD -- Abandoning
  • [BETA] Highway Referral Invitation MOD -- Further developments planned
  • [MODDB] Activity Stats MOD -- Supported, no further developments planned
  • [MODDB] ACP Add User MOD -- Supported, no further developments planned
  • [MODDB] Avatar on Memberlist -- Supported, no further developments planned
  • [BETA] Advertisement MOD -- Abandoning
  • [DEV] Advanced PayPal Donation MOD -- Further developments planned
  • [ALPHA] ACP April Fools Prank MOD -- Abandoning
  • [MODDB] phpBB3 Error Logging Tool - Supported, no further developments planned
  • [ABD] Author Viewable Only MOD -- Abandoned
  • [ABD] Hide Hack (AKA Lockdown) MOD -- Abandoned
  • [ABD] Advanced Welcome PM (Welcome Committee) -- Abandoned
The MODs listed as “Abandoning” will remain open long enough for any possible transfer to another MOD Author, or any further discussion. -- Topics will then be closed after I return from Joomla!Day Vancouver on June 14th.
I will no longer continue to support “Abandoning” MODs from this point forward.

Making this announcement is difficult due to the number of users who have been testing and using these MODs, but at this point, my resources are very precious, and I need to concentrate my efforts on some of the MOD Team projects and the few important MODs that I would like to continue to develop and support.
Most importantly, the Referral Invitation MOD and PayPal Donation MOD.
I also hope that this move will give me the time I need to speed up development of these MODs.

Please feel free to ask questions, but again, I will not be answering any further support questions.

Thanks for understanding,
- Highway of Life
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