url-rewrite SEO mod

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url-rewrite SEO mod

Post by greyforum »


I'm trying to install that mod on my forum but I'm coming across a strange issue;

I'm using a version for 0.2.0RC3 on a 3.0RC4 board with etech template:

Really, from an url-rewriting point of view it works fine, but something goes wrong when navigating the forums.
If I am on the home page, it looks correct;
If I enter a forum, it looses completely the style format.
If I open a topic,it looks correct again.
It seems like if there is a "style hole" passing from the home page to the forum topics...

What does it mean??
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Re: url-rewrite SEO mod

Post by RedTrinity »

You will have to post this in the support thread for the MOD you are trying to install ;)
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Re: url-rewrite SEO mod

Post by MarkTheDaemon »

As per RedTrinity, please seek support in the topic that the MOD is located in.



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