[RC] phpBB Gallery 1.0.4 (including TS Gallery converter)

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Re: [RC] phpBB Gallery 1.0.4 (including TS Gallery converter)

Post by asinshesq »

nickvergessen wrote:The convertor does not need to run the install before, as that would kill the TS tables ;)
Ah, are you saying that I was supposed to skip the install part of the sequence because that is already covered automatically when I click the convert tab and complete the conversion steps? If so, it probably makes sense in your next version to make that clear in the author's notes or the DIY or the text that appears when you first go to install/index.php. Right now, I don't think any of those places tell you not to run the install part if you are converting a board. Anyway, not a big deal (and easy to fix with the delete button ;) ).
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Re: [RC] phpBB Gallery 1.0.4 (including TS Gallery converter)

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As the 1.0.4 got approved for the MOD-DB, the MOD is continued in that Forum:
For Support please use http://www.flying-bits.org/ or http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... &t=1825475
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