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Re: [RC2]RSS Feed

Post by Italiano »

joeroberts wrote:feedreader uses IE cookies
safari has a feed reader
IE has a feed reader
Firefox has a feed reader
opera has one two
now web based ones well not see private posts at all
What about Thunderbird? It can only browse forums opened for guests whereas in Firefox I can browse all forums since I'm the admin of the forum. Can Thunderbird use browser cookies so it will be able to browse all forums too?

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Re: [RC2]RSS Feed

Post by MaFeSa »

Many thanks for this great mod ;)

I have only a problem with the date ....

EDIT: Thanks BurnHavoc !
BurnHavoc wrote:Some tips for fixing the timezone/dst issues:

after the line

Code: Select all

                $ids = $row["topic_id"];

Code: Select all

				$tz = ($user->data['user_id'] != ANONYMOUS) ? strval(doubleval($user->data['user_timezone'])) : strval(doubleval($config['board_timezone']));
				if ($user->data['user_dst']) $tz = $tz + 1;
				$tz = $tz * 100;
then find

Code: Select all

$user->format_date($last_poster_time,"D, d M Y H:i:s T")
and replace with:

Code: Select all

$user->format_date($row_views_post["post_time"], "D, d M Y H:i:s") . ' ' . sprintf("%05d", $tz)
Now you'll have the proper timezone with dst in consideration
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Re: [RC2]RSS Feed

Post by mandrivaturkiye »

subdomain error.

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My forum domain http://forum.mandrivaturkiye.com rss url http://forum.mandrivaturkiye.com/rss.php

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Re: [RC2]RSS Feed

Post by angham »

thank you for this great MOD i installed it without any problems
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Re: [RC2]RSS Feed

Post by bhawan_ace »

hello sir !
a big thanks for you great mod .
i have 2 questions
1. i want to inc the number of post viewed from 10 to 25 but do not want to change it from ACP
2. i want RSS to only show diffrent topics (not the replies to same topics)

thanks in advace
hats off for this mod !

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