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Advanced Group Functions

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For my website I need to offer user-driven "clubs" which manage admission themselves and have a forum generated for their private use and moderated by the group's leaders.
My plan is to use the phpBB groups system to pull this off. A user can found one club and participate in as many as they want, while their primary group is still a registered user.
I do want to offer features like club ranks, which would only be displayed on the club's page, and the private club forum. Ranks should include images as the phpBB system does. Rank images need to be restricted in dimensions and size as well as uploaded.
Clubs will also have icons that the users can sport in their profiles and viewtopic (likely just one of their choice on viewtopic). These need to be uploaded and restricted too.
Clubs need to have four permission levels: founder (admin with club disbanding privileges), admin (can change ranks and club page, moderate forum, and set joining requirements), moderator (can moderate forum), user (can post in forum)
Joining requirements can be set to free, post count limited, points limited (likely Handyman's cash mod), request only, or closed.

So now that I've said the basics of what I am doing on my site, does anyone know of any mods that do any sections of what I am trying to do?
The hardest part for me will be all the permissions needed, as I don't know much about the permissions system. Everything else appears to be minor.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I will also need to be able to manage the groups via the ACP like normal too.
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