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User Points

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I'm mass migrating users into the phpbb3 system from a previous forum system.

I'm not writing a proper convertor for our bespoke previous solution, but using a method outlined in an Bulk Add Users post on this board for simplicity.

However, on our previous site, users rank/points count comes from a combination, not just number of active posts/topics made by a user, but including a "top up" based on other activities.

How are points/ranks calculated/displayed in phpbb3? Does it set a dynamic count based on active posts/topics on the forums, reducing score on archiving etc? Or is there a base value scored for each user? (i.e. can I preload it)


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Re: User Points

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Ranks in phpBB are simply evaluated from the post count you see under the avatar. During forum pruning of old posts, the post count doesn't get lowered. In phpBB, you can turn off post incrementation for specific forums. The base value is 0, which is a new user who never posted :)

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