"IF_S..." statements (split)

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"IF_S..." statements (split)

Post by naijand »

Happy New Year.

I have 2 index.php, one in root for ../index.php (board index)
the other in gallery subfolder for ../gallery/index.php

I have a menu_active_button code in my overall header. and I used the IF_SCRIPT_NAME codes

however, I keep having issues where clicking from gallery/index to go to board index doesn't happen. It stays on gallery and refuses to go to the board index, meanwhile both buttons (index.php + gallery/index.php would remain active instead of the one you are in.

I think the two indexes confuses my board

for the gallery, I have renamed the ''if script_name == index'' to if "S_in_gallery". However I cannot get an equivalent statement for index.php without mentioning the word index. ''if S_in_index'' did not work.

can anybody help out please. I need to change if script name to soemnthin else but still mean the same hing


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