My echo wont work

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My echo wont work

Post by nibez »

Hey, im not sure this is the right section, or if its related to the phpbb software itself.
I am trying to do an normal echo in the index_body.tpl file but it just wont work, Maybe this is more like an php problem than phpbb problem i dont know, but when i doing the exactly the same thing outside of phpbb it works.

Here is a picture that describe my question a little bit more:
Ive tried placing the file poll.php in the root of the phpbb and also in the template folder.
The poll.php contains a simple echo, just testing:

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echo "asd";
I bet this is a simple problem but i cant just figure it out been trying to get this work for a some time now, and its pretty important that i get this one to work. Is there any other ways of just including such of things into the file?
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Re: My echo wont work

Post by Wookie1664 »

I dont know if it will help, but I can say a couple of things.

Firstly, I thought .tpl files where no more...and phpbb3 used .html files?

Secondly, in phpbb3 if you look in your admin cp under security you'll see a setting "Allow php in templates:"

Cant help you any further I'm afraid.

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Re: My echo wont work

Post by Paul »

You are using phpBB2, and as phpBB2 isn't supported anymore iam going to lock this topic.

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