how to use phpbb_hash()

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how to use phpbb_hash()

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i want to use phpbb's user database along with my site, so that registered users can use both applications with the same username and password.

i read phpbb uses phpbb_hash() function, defined in functions.php to hash de password.

who can I use these functions?
what files should I include?
and finally, how would I authenticate the user?

thank you in advance

Balpo :shock:
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Re: how to use phpbb_hash()

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First off all you have to integrate your application within phpBB
Knowledge Base - phpBB3 Sessions Integration, then you are ready to use the the phpBB hashes. On how to use them have a look at this topic and have a look for posts by Acyd Burn. He gives some examples in that topic.
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Re: how to use phpbb_hash()

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Re: how to use phpbb_hash()

Post by comkidwizzer3 »

Here's a quick sum up:

To hash:

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To check hash:

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phpbb_hash_check($string, $hash); 
Feel free to replace $string and $hash with any variables you like

$string is the what will be hashed, and the $hash is the already hashed hash either of the string or not.
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Re: how to use phpbb_hash()

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There is some information on the wiki: phpbb_hash

I believe you only need to define IN_PHPBB = true and include includes/functions.php.
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