From phpBB3 to custom member management

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From phpBB3 to custom member management

Post by Pouzy »

Hi there!

I'm facing quite a problem there... I have a website which is groing quite a lot, and PhpBB is not really what I need anymore for the forum. So I am building my own member system, so I will need to convert the stored passwords to whatever I will use...

So as this is impossible, I think I'll have to use the phpbb_hash function to encrypt my passwords like that in my system also.

So I've got some questions about that... I can see that this function takes some info from the DB, via the $config var, in the function unique_id() e.g :

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	$config['rand_seed'] = md5($config['rand_seed'] . $val . $extra);	

if ($dss_seeded !== true && ($config['rand_seed_last_update'] < time() - rand(1,10)))	{
		$dss_seeded = true;
Has anyone had to deal with this problem before? Is there a converter somewhere? A tutorial to know how to encrypt the password?

I don't really know what to do with this rand_seed stuff, cause it seems to change, cause using time()... I'm kind of lost to say everything.

Any idea or help? (Even another method, advices, etc!)

Thanks a lot,

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Re: From phpBB3 to custom member management

Post by Paul »

Moved to MOD writers.
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