Changing template content berfore parsing on the fly

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Changing template content berfore parsing on the fly

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Hi together,

I am currently struggeling with a change that was made in the original phpBB code a while ago...changing the way of template for mails being handled.

Before that change I was passing a custom message (admins have been able to modify the standard mail sent to users before being sent out via the ACP) to the messenger instance by using the following code:

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					$messenger->msg = $data['message'];
After that it was parsed by the template engine replacing variables like the board URL, activation link, etc. and sent out to the user.

How can I achieve that with the new way mail templates are handled as an object?

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		$this->tpl_obj = &$this->tpl_msg[$template_lang . $template_file];
Is there any way of defining the template content without doing changes in the includes/template.php file itself and therefore changing the way templates are handled?

Thanks for your help :)

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