+500 forums = overheated forums table?

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Re: +500 forums = overheated forums table?

Post by Sierron »

Wow, that's nice.

But if you want to use it like you said, you at least need an (own) server for that. 500+ forums give a big html file to lo...

Well... I looked at your site. You have over 500+ forums. That's true. The most are in subcategories. So phpBB3 can handle 500+ forums. Nice to know :o .

But that doesn't say anything about, if it can handle 500+ at once. As an example in the index or something.
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Re: +500 forums = overheated forums table?

Post by Thanks in advance »

D¡cky wrote:I maintain a board with approximately 500 forums and it is on a regular shared hosting account. There have not been any problems with the basic running of the board. The only problems there have been is when moving forums around. Sometimes when moving a forum, it can make a mess of the forum tree and you will need to rebuild it.
As I'm pretty much in the same situation (~500 forums, Shared Hosting), may I ask how you rebuild / repair the forum structure? I know the STK can solve Left/Right ID's, but AFAIK it does nothing with the forum_parents-column. There also exists a pretty old script (fix.php), but I don't know if it can still be used, it too has limitations pointed out here. Thanks!
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Re: +500 forums = overheated forums table?

Post by manic2 »

Thanks in advance wrote: but AFAIK it does nothing with the forum_parents-column.
AFAIK that column rebuilds itself as & when you click on each forum using this code in \includes\functions_display.php:-

Code: Select all

		if ($forum_data['forum_parents'] == '')
			$sql = 'SELECT forum_id, forum_name, forum_type
				WHERE left_id < ' . $forum_data['left_id'] . '
					AND right_id > ' . $forum_data['right_id'] . '
				ORDER BY left_id ASC';
			$result = $db->sql_query($sql);

			while ($row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result))
				$forum_parents[$row['forum_id']] = array($row['forum_name'], (int) $row['forum_type']);

			$forum_data['forum_parents'] = serialize($forum_parents);

			$sql = 'UPDATE ' . FORUMS_TABLE . "
				SET forum_parents = '" . $db->sql_escape($forum_data['forum_parents']) . "'
				WHERE parent_id = " . $forum_data['parent_id'];

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