Mass creation of topics (at once)

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Mass creation of topics (at once)

Post by veriberto »

Is it possible to create a large number of topics at once?

For example, if I have a list of 100 topic titles which I want to be opened, how can I do this without having to create them all separately?

Thanks for any help or advice!
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Re: Mass creation of topics (at once)

Post by Sam »

Moved to MOD Writers.

Some people (Mod writers) use scripts to do such things for testing, perhaps they would be willing to share.
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Re: Mass creation of topics (at once)

Post by Ather »

i'll 2nd this, could be handy alot of times
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Re: Mass creation of topics (at once)

Post by daroPL »

You can write a script that uses the method $db->sql_multi_insert().
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Re: Mass creation of topics (at once)

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

Have a look at the fill script that is included in the develop folder of phpBB development releases. IIRC there are some issues with it, but you can give it a go on a local testing environment. Do not use this script on a live server.
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