html in post loses formatting when edited

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html in post loses formatting when edited

Post by Annwvyn »

I built a formatted post using html. However when the post is edited the html is lost. I noticed that bbcode is retained and is actually displayed in the edit screen whereas html is not. Is there a solution to this? There aren't enough bbcodes to use instead of html. Can html formatting be retained when being edited?

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Re: html in post loses formatting when edited

Post by Drummer »

You can add custom bbcodes according to your needs.
HTML entities are encoded for security reasons.

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Re: html in post loses formatting when edited

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

phpBB doesn't allow the usage of raw HTML (this is a security precaution). When injecting the html straight into the DB its indeed rendered but as soon the post is edited through phpBB it will strip the HTML from the post.
You should create custom BBCodes for the HTML tags you are missing and use those in the posts.
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