SPAM blocking PHP script (spamIP)

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SPAM blocking PHP script (spamIP)

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I had problems with very high serverload on my hosted forums and noticed that the cause of this was spambots visiting. I therefor made a smal PHP script that blocks out these bots completly. Before i installed the script, i had serverload up to 20.00 and the server crashed all the time. After the installation it dropped down to a normal 0.70.

Now, I'm no PHP expert and was hoping some of you here could give me some feedback on the script and maybe even make suggestions for improvements.

The script is not just made for phpBB forums, it can be used on any type of website.

You can download the script here

A small description about the script can be found here

If you are going to use this script on a phpbb3 forum, you need to add the following code at the top of these files: index.php, ucp.php and posting.php

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<?php include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/spamip/spamip.php'); ?>

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