NV_newspage_1_0_2 (glitchy stuff)

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NV_newspage_1_0_2 (glitchy stuff)

Post by ThunderCrew » Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:05 am

Ok its in the MOD DB but it is VERY lacking sorry ...
1st off to run the installer do this open config.php and un comment the debug areas then run the installer.
If you do no do that you will get a few different bugs depending on your setup I guess. varies from "no specified file" to "Delete or rename the install folder" message.

2nd off to edit the max characters so it does not jack up links bbcodes etc you must manually open your database go to the table phpbb_config and find "news_char_limit" edit that to be 100000 NO COMMA or whatever your needs are. Then go to acp .mods news configuration and select a forum to feed from.
If you do not do this everytime you try to set a number it will just reset to 100 and that cuts off any bbcoding links etc that are past 100 IE you'll have a bunch of broken bbcode on your news page

3rd of all you will get an sql error if you choose only 1 forum to feed from and that forum you chose has no topics yet (that should be using some IF statements I assume IE ..... IF no post return "this news page has no news yet" or something like that. to avoid the ugly error.

4th of all you may only feed from 1 forum at a time if they are not grouped under each other like this...
If I want to feed from 5 forums but they are NOT ll in the same parent or even if they are but not on top of each other I cant select them all. Lets use the example below.

Some Forum
Site Info
Some Forum
Dome Forum
Mafia Wars Tips
Some Forum
New Arcade Releases

Let's say I want to pull data from Site Info Mafia Wars Tips & New Releases as it is now I cant.
That would be probably an easy fix instead of adding in the format it is now have check boxes or radio buttons to select multiples instead of the list to highlight forums. OR some way to make it store each time you select a forum that way you could select one save select another save , etc....

Was very surprised to see such a buggy mod DB released. Its a good one just no where near "stable" IMO :oops:

Not sure where else to put this as the topic is locked in mod db figured maybe this can start up a convo for fixes or ideas to enhance the mod, Ive been gone a while but am back now partially and might work on some of the above things for tweeking in my site and if it works Ill pm the mod author with the codes ....
or if we get a convo going here with fixes maybe that will help move this in a better direction as well.....

Here is a Screen to show once you edit the databse table the BBcode does not break apart links etc

You might also open the install.php and change the 500 to 100000 or your needs too before running the auto installer if rather do that than open your DB for editing
Ugg im a t0tal newb again ...... 2 years off cant remember jack ... time to get to it


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