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Display posts on external page updating issue

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:26 pm
by Rotten Apple
I’m hoping I posted this in the right section, but I’m using this code on this website and when I went to post an update by starting a new topic on the board where it retrieves posts from, it would no longer update on the front page of my website.

The board has 44 topics and 60 posts and 3 pages. (It's my updates and announcements board.) When it reached the 44th topic it would no longer retrieve newly posted topics. There was absolutely no problem when I had it below 44 topics (it updated the 43rd topic just fine) but this issue began once it reached 44 topics. The code is set to retrieve the latest 5 topics posted in board 57 and it's no longer doing this. Is there a way to rectify this issue? I only want it to display 5 topics on the index page of my website, so that's no the issue - it's just a problem retrieving the posts.

The code I use:

Code: Select all

    define('IN_PHPBB', true);
    $phpbb_root_path = (defined('PHPBB_ROOT_PATH')) ? PHPBB_ROOT_PATH : './board/';    # REPLACE WITH YOUR OWN ROOT PATH Example: './phpbb/'
    $phpEx = substr(strrchr(__FILE__, '.'), 1);
    require_once($phpbb_root_path . 'common.' . $phpEx);
    require_once($phpbb_root_path . 'includes/functions_display.' . $phpEx);
    require_once($phpbb_root_path . 'includes/functions_admin.' . $phpEx);
    require_once('functions.' . $phpEx);

    #Start session management

    $offset = ceil(abs(request_var('start', 1))); #rounds up the start number to the nearest integer. The 'start' is the number which will be offset when paginated.

    # Get the posts
    $posts = get_news(array(57), false, $limit, $offset, true, sort_order_query('sticky_recent_desc')); #Change array(1) to array(number of your forum). It must be an array. OR change the false to array (number of your forum), however you need $include_children to be true.

    #Define the variable output. Also put a header in just to make it useful. Note that if you remove this, this will generate a notice for an undefined variable, which can be removed by changing your error reporting level (Its not an error, it's a notice).
    $output = '<h1>Updates</h1>';
    # Build the output. You can now change whatever you want in order to suit your needs. For example, you can build the datas to however you like. OR you can change the output variables. That is where the html gets outputted. If you know php variables and html, you can modify that to your own usage.
    foreach($posts as $post){
       #First set all the data in vars
       $total_forum_items    = get_total_items($post['total_forum_ids']);
       $bbcode_options   = (($post['enable_bbcode']) ? OPTION_FLAG_BBCODE : 0) + (($post['enable_smilies']) ? OPTION_FLAG_SMILIES : 0) + (($post['enable_magic_url']) ? OPTION_FLAG_LINKS : 0);
       #Actual Post
       $post_text      = generate_text_for_display($post['post_text'], $post['bbcode_uid'], $post['bbcode_bitfield'], $bbcode_options);
       $post_text      = bbcode_nl2br($post_text);
       $post_text      = smiley_text($post_text);
       $post_link      = append_sid($phpbb_root_path . 'viewtopic.' . $phpEx, array('f' => $post['forum_id'], 't' => $post['topic_id'])) . '#p' . $post['post_id'];
       $post_subject   = censor_text($post['topic_title']);
       $post_time      = $user->format_date($post['post_time']);
       $post_replies_count      = $post['topic_replies_real'];
       $post_views    = $post['topic_views'];
          #Post Tracking (Is it unread or not?)
       $topic_tracking_info = get_complete_topic_tracking($post['forum_id'], $post['topic_id'], true);
       $is_this_unread = (isset($topic_tracking_info[$post['topic_id']]) && $post['topic_last_post_time'] > $topic_tracking_info[$post['topic_id']]) ? 'class="unread"' : 'class="read"';
          #Post Icons
       $post_icon = $icon_alt_text = $topic_type = '';
       topic_status($post, $post['topic_replies_real'], $is_this_unread, $post_icon, $icon_alt_text, $topic_type);
       $post_icon = $user->img($post_icon, $icon_alt_text, false, '', 'src');
       $icon_alt_text = $user->lang[$icon_alt_text];
       $is_there_attachments    = $post['is_there_attachments'];
       $post_attachments    = $post['attachments'];
       $post_attachment_names    = $post['attachment_names'];
       $post_attachment_downloads    = $post['attachment_downloads'];
       $post_attachment_comments    = $post['attachment_comments'];
       $post_attachment_filesize    = $post['attachment_filesize'];
       $num_of_attachments    = $post['num_of_attachments'];
       $breadcrumb_urls = '<a href="' . append_sid($phpbb_root_path) . '">Board Index</a>';
          foreach($post['breadcrumb_ids'] as $name => $id){
             $url = append_sid($phpbb_root_path . 'viewforum.' . $phpEx, array('f' => $id));
             $breadcrumb_urls .= '<strong>‹</strong><a href="' . $url . '">' . $name . '</a>';
       #User Information
          $poster_avatar   = get_user_avatar($post['user_avatar'], $post['user_avatar_type'], $post['user_avatar_width'], $post['user_avatar_height']);
       $poster_link   = append_sid($phpbb_root_path . 'memberlist.' . $phpEx, array('mode' => 'viewprofile', 'u' => $post['user_id']));
       $poster_name   = get_username_string('full', $post['user_id'], $post['topic_first_poster_name'], $post['user_colour']);
          unset($user_rank_title, $user_rank_image, $user_rank_image_relative_src);
          if($post['user_id'] != ANONYMOUS){
             get_user_rank($post['user_rank_id'], $post['user_posts'], $user_rank_title, $user_rank_image, $user_rank_image_relative_src);
          $user_signature  = generate_text_for_display($post['user_sig'], $post['user_sig_bbcode_uid'], $post['user_sig_bbcode_bitfield'], $bbcode_options);
          $user_signature  = bbcode_nl2br($user_signature);
          $user_signature  = smiley_text($user_signature);
       $output .= '';
       $output .= '<div class="updates"><a ';
       $output .= $is_this_unread;
       $output .= ' href="' . $post_link . '" title="' . $post_subject . '">' . $post_subject .'</a></div><div class="datetime">Posted on ' . $post_time .'</div><br />';

       $output .= '<div class="text">' . $post_text . '</div> <br />';

       if($is_there_attachments && $post['disallow_attachments']){
          $output .= '<div class="attachment_info">';
          $filesize = bytesize($post_attachment_filesize);
          $output .= '<em>Attachments:</em><br />Number of Attachments: ' . $num_of_attachments;
             $output .= '<br /><a href="' . $post_attachments[$j] . '">' . $post_attachment_names[$j] . '</a>' . (!empty($post_attachment_comments[$j]) ? '<br />Attachment Comments: ' . $post_attachment_comments[$j] : false) . '<br />Number of Downloads: ' . $post_attachment_downloads[$j] . ' (Does not count downloads from "here")<br />Filesize: ' . $filesize[$j];
          $output   .= '</div>';
              $output .= '<table style="font-size: 12px; width: 810px;"><tr><td><b>POSTED BY: ' . $poster_name . '</b></td><td><a ';

       $output .= 'href="' . $post_link . '" style="float: right; text-transform: uppercase;">';
       $output .= '<b>Comments</b>: ' . $post_replies_count . "</a></td></tr></table>\n";

       $output .= '<br><br>';

    #doing pagination,
    $pagination = generate_pagination('index.php', $total_forum_items, $limit, $offset, true);
    echo '<h4>OOPS! you have offset more topics than there is. This page will display no topics, try lowering the number offsetted in your url which begins as ?start=**</h4>';
<? include('top.php'); ?>
Content is here.

<!-- Start posts -->
    print ($output);
<? include('bottom.php'); ?>
Assistance with this would greatly be appreciated! I'm using version 3.0.8 and a custom Subsilver based theme. The website is not using phpBB external pages either. It's simply the index page of the website that's retrieving topics from a board.

Re: Display posts on external page updating issue

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:23 pm
by Rotten Apple
I'm still looking for assistance with this. I did a test run last night and the 44th post will display only after I post a new topic (45th) but the new topic (45th) won't display unless I repeat the process of creating a new topic. So the problem's still there, and I'm not sure what's causing it. :\

Re: Display posts on external page updating issue

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:10 pm
by Rotten Apple
Still looking for assistance!

Re: Display posts on external page updating issue

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:44 am
by CMCDragonkai
This looks like my code. Can you post in my thread so I can properly keep track of support. ... 1&t=587812