Any MOD writers interested in helping with WP-United?

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Any MOD writers interested in helping with WP-United?

Post by kateland »

Hi all,

The mod author for WP-United has apparently abandoned, or put on hold, his mod. There's been no support or communication for many months.

This mod is pretty intense, works well (when it worked) and has no competition. it's unique, and frankly, kinda awesome.

At this point, I've decided to commit to WPU on a site I'm building and will be rolling up my junior, underqualified sleeves to attempt to support users still trying to install it as a way to learn the code quickly. I'm still holding out hope that the MOD Author will come back. I know my help will be lacking in many ways for a time.

Are there any other folks out there willing to either join the effort to develop the mod, or who will let me contact them with questions, either about a piece of code I don't understand, or philosophy/best practices that I might not find in phpBB's support documentation?

It's been a while since I looked under the hood. My game plan is to spend quality time with phpBB documentation and start breaking stuff on my local server.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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Re: Any MOD writers interested in helping with WP-United?

Post by NintendoMii »

I would like to help, but I don't know anything of WordPress. Sorry... :cry:

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