php sessions vs phpbb sessions

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php sessions vs phpbb sessions

Post by christhatsme »

Hi Guys,

I hope its okay discussing this here as it isn't immediately forum related.

I am about to embark on a large project. The website is going to be very high traffic and is therefore going to need session data accessible centrally, as the load is going to be balanced across several severs (therefore the standard php file-based sessions are of no use to me!).

The project will not need a forum or a complicated auth system. I will write my own simple auth simple. However, I like phpBB and I am tempted to strip it right down to what is needed to make the phpBB user system work.

Does the phpBB session system have any benefits over using the standard php session system ($_SESSION) with custom database handlers (which I will write myself)? If so what are they and how significant will they be?

I am fairly able when it comes to php however I am no expert on performance and security, so any feedback will be much appreciated.



edit: FYI the basic auth system won't really be an auth system at all. I would probably use the phpBB groups and just do a simple in group check on the pages that need protecting. Might as well keep it simple as it really is just very basic page restriction for a small number of groups.
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