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External User Registration & Name Change

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Hi guys, I have been designing my website around the registration and user account of members on the forums. I want to take this a step further and find out how I can register a user account using my own custom php page / forms outside of the forums. I would also like to be able to change user names outside of the forums.

I need to know if this is possible, what the sql would need to be to do so and what information needs to be included in my queries to do it. I would really appreciate any help on this.
I realize the forums are set around permissions and after looking at the phpbb_acl_users table, that because of the way its setup I'm not sure if there is a way to pass the information and have it set up a new registered user that way or not? Since I'm kind of feeling hopeless about having consistent registrations and permissions any other way. Not to mention eMail verification etc.
I'm hoping that changing names will be as easy as just updating a the right cell in a table but I'm not sure. To be honest I really don't even know where to begin looking for this. The more information the better though. Exact code would be best that I can just follow and do it. But still all is appreciated except for any comments that relate to the following:

Now before any of you go crazy on me about security and crap, Don't; because I don't really care. I want to do it. I will handle making sure the inputs are correct, that it isn't a banned username and checking for sql injection and other security measures and stuff when I'm ready for it. If you want to advise me on helpful hints for making sure this all checks out that is welcome. But I don't want to see any useless comments about how I shouldn't do it for security reasons and not offering any real useful information. Please and thank you! :D
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