Generating Session IDs Question

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Generating Session IDs Question

Post by vortexhlp »

So it seems that in /includes/sessions.php there's a little tidbit of code to generate the Session ID:

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$this->session_id = $this->data['session_id'] = md5(unique_id());
$sql_ary['session_id'] = (string) $this->session_id;
But where exactly is unique_id coming from? This vital piece of information is all that is needed to generate session IDs and it seems to be the salt to the hash. I see it being called from place to place but can't exactly find where it originates from. If someone could enlighten me I would much appreciate it! Thank you!

EDIT: I found it! Turns out there's a nice little site that I found which lets you type in any function for phpbb and it tells you in which file it's in. Turns out it's in the includes/functions.php file. CASE CLOSED :D
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Re: Generating Session IDs Question

Post by AmigoJack »

I would just have searched all files for function unique_id, but sadly my solution only works offline.
vortexhlp wrote:a nice little site that I found
Which site? This is the internet, it works thru links.
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