Check if bbcode [IMG] was used while posting?

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Check if bbcode [IMG] was used while posting?

Post by Crazzel »

Hi everyone.

I modify my phpBB3 for my needs.
I want check if user add screens to post (check if he was used [IMG] BBCode while posting).

How Can I do this?

I think the best way is check this in posting.php - when user don't use BBCode [IMG]... But how? What functions i should use for this? strpos?

Thank You for help! :)
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Re: Check if bbcode [IMG] was used while posting?

Post by ViolaF »

what do you mean? a realtime check for your admin-eyes only, if someone post right now an [img] in postbox or..?
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Re: Check if bbcode [IMG] was used while posting?

Post by AmigoJack »

Open /posting.php and find:

Code: Select all

        $message_parser->parse($post_data['enable_bbcode'], ($config['allow_post_links']) ? $post_data['enable_urls'] : false, $post_data['enable_smilies'], $img_status, $flash_status, $quote_status, $config['allow_post_links']);
After that, this array element contains the amount of img BBCodes being parsed:

Code: Select all

$message_parser-> parsed_items['img']
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