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Delete Button for Drop Down Attachment Menu

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:09 am
by nicotinemilk
Does anyone know how to make the delete button function for the drop-down menu? It does delete, but only the last item uploaded... I was hoping someone would know how to make it function so it would delete the attachment selected in the drop-down menu.

I searched for a few hours and tried to figure it out, but no luck.

Code: Select all

<div style="width: 420px; font-size: .5em; text-align: left;">
		<select name="attachments">{S_INLINE_ATTACHMENT_OPTIONS}</select>

		<input type="button" accesskey="a" value="PLACE INLINE" name="attachinline" onclick="attach_form = document.forms[form_name].elements['attachments']; attach_inline(attach_form.value, attach_form.options[attach_form.selectedIndex].text);" onmouseover="helpline('a')" onmouseout="helpline('tip')" />
		<input type="submit" style="width:50px; font-size: .5em" name="delete_file[{???}]" value="DELETE" />

Any help is much appreciated!!!