Greek Language Pack for phpbb3

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Greek Language Pack for phpbb3

Post by soth2k »

Hello there,

I am not sure where this post should be, so if it's not the place for it, mods may move it.

I am currently testing the phpbb3 in order to replace the phpbb2 of my site, and I started translating the language to Greek as there is no available language pack for download.

I was thinking to offer the language pack to the community for the next upcoming greek users (it should be completed by the next 2-3 days - just doing the latest checks). What is need to be done for it?
Is the community accepting such offers or the whole translation is done by the internal team?

With regard,
Kavouras Konstantinos
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Re: Greek Language Pack for phpbb3

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

There is information for you in the Translations forum.
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Re: Greek Language Pack for phpbb3

Post by smithy_dll »

Locked as per AJD.
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