Generic phpbb SQL installer

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Generic phpbb SQL installer

Post by Yautja_cetanu »

What do you think? Has anyone made one or would like one?

What I'm thinking is a SQL install file that fits in with phpbb's permissions, that provides a nice GUI that takes the user through the process of updating their database for the mod. The SQL is called from a seperate file so the actual installer could be used in a variety of mods.
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Re: Generic phpbb SQL installer

Post by 3Di »

I tried this one right yesterday, seems to be efficient: .

Notice it's usefull also for phpBB2.
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Re: Generic phpbb SQL installer

Post by poyntesm »

create_schema_files.php in the CVS is a great tool for building the correct schema files for all the DBMS phpBB supports. Then used with a custom version of install_install.php will give you a great installer.

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