Replace phpBB3 search feature by a Google one

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Replace phpBB3 search feature by a Google one

Post by Bielle64000 »

I would like to replace phpBB3 search feature (in Prosilver style) by a Google search feature since all my pages are well indexed by Google.
Can you help me to find the code to integrate it well.

I tried by myself to put this code in the overall header:

Code: Select all

<!-- SiteSearch Google -->
              <FORM action= method=get 
            <TABLE bgColor=#ffffff border=0>
                <TD vAlign=top noWrap align=left height=32><A 
                  href=""><IMG alt=Google 
                  src="" border=0></IMG></A> </TD>
                <TD noWrap><INPUT type=hidden 
                  name=domains></INPUT> <INPUT maxLength=255 size=31 
                  <INPUT type=submit value=Rechercher name=sa></INPUT>
                          <TD><INPUT type=radio value="" name=sitesearch> <FONT color=#000000 size=-1>Web</FONT> 
                          <TD><INPUT type=radio CHECKED 
                        name=sitesearch> <FONT color=#000000 
                        size=-1></FONT> </TD>
                    </TABLE> </TD>
                  <TD noWrap> 
                  type=hidden value=pub-1727566909551058 name=client></INPUT> 
                  <INPUT type=hidden value=1 name=forid></INPUT> <INPUT 
                  type=hidden value=ISO-8859-1 name=ie></INPUT> <INPUT 
                  type=hidden value=ISO-8859-1 name=oe></INPUT> <INPUT 
                  name=cof></INPUT> <INPUT type=hidden value=fr name=hl></INPUT> 
                </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></FORM><!-- SiteSearch Google -->
But it looks ugly :(

Please help !
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Damien Boyle
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Re: Replace phpBB3 search feature by a Google one

Post by Damien Boyle »

Anyone know how to do this i wouldnt mind it myself :D

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