A Good Chat Box For Phpbb3.

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A Good Chat Box For Phpbb3.

Post by Mezzo »

hello guys can you direct me too a good free chat box for phpbb3 i already have 1 but the members are complaining about some error and it does not refresh by itself either you post or press refresh to see if some has written anything or not. :mrgreen: Thank you.
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Re: A Good Chat Box For Phpbb3.

Post by James78 »

Flashchat is a good solution (click try for free; it's the full version). It will be able to be integrated completely with phpBB3, or a variety of other softwares. When you are done installing it, check out my phpBB3 Flashchat MOD.

IF you are looking for a simpler thing, like a phpBB shoutbox, then I suggest looking in the MOD Database for one.
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Re: A Good Chat Box For Phpbb3.

Post by ric323 »

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You should ask about problems with the one you have in the topic which you downloaded it from.
The Knowledge Base contains solutions to many common problems!
How to fix "Doesn't have a default value" and "Incorrect string value: xxx for column 'post_text' " errors.
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Re: A Good Chat Box For Phpbb3.

Post by Songman »

My web host made me take FlashChat off the server after an attack through a security loophole.

Other than that it was a great chat program and everyone on my boards loved it. I am trying to find something to replace it with now.

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