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Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:15 pm
by Techit
Just had a search through the different forums and topics and coudnt find anything im looking for.

This is like a paid subscription service, where you get like a free user that will see some of the forums and get some features, and there is a paid member that could have things like a signature, advatar, and access to other forum areas.

Would ideally want something that will time out after so many days/weeks/months/years....

Ive seen this loads on forums that use VBullitin, and did use something similar on another site i have that uses PHPNuke, but im trying to work away from PHPNuke and just use PHPBB3.

If there is one out there already, please let me know, if not, and someone wants to design one, i will help out as i know php and sql... but do not have the time to code this and keep the mod going.