form.php to phpBB post MOD = ?

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form.php to phpBB post MOD = ?

Post by JohanLM » Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:28 am

Searching for a MOD that gives the possibility to add a form page.php in/on the phpBB that will be posted as a post in/on the forum as a regular post. Basicly a regular form with Yes/No questions, dropdown options + text feedback, something like this to give you an idea;

Just a regular "form" in the very classical sense but it should be posted in/on the forum in a room of my choice. Been searching for this before a good while (years maybe) back, but never found one.
(Well ... I actually did find ONE for phpbb2, but that was no longer supported and more of a sideproject)
Thought now with the phpBB3 and the various quick answer MOD's that exists, maybe something has turned up.

My wish/plan is to add a signup page for registered members with some Yes/No questions that after filling it, give them access to private areas of the forum/community. Basicly like an extra set of rules that they need to accept and confirm first.

If there is not such a MOD still, can someone maybe direct me to someone that creates MOD's for a donation? ;)

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Re: form.php to phpBB post MOD = ?

Post by gennyna » Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:15 pm

I am also looking for a mod like yours, but it seems that nobody can help us


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